Enjoy Vegetable Container Gardening in Court Yards and Small Spaces.

Even with zero garden space you can enjoy vegetable container gardening. Concreted court yards, window boxes and your own coffee table are places where growing vegetables in containers is possible.

Vegetable Container Gardening

Many types of gardening pots are available to buy from gardening centres, variety stores or the internet. Some you can make yourself or find if you keep your eyes open and are not too proud to be seen collecting 'rubbish'.

Most vegetables will thrive in regular potting mix or compost. Get the best you can on your budget and select a certified organic potting mix if you can get it. Remember, your food is going to be produced in it. Don't fall for the temptation to use garden soil. It just doesn't have enough nutrients in it, and may compact and crack.

Container vegetable gardening can be enjoyed by everyone from a three year old to the arthritis ridden grandma. It doesn't need to be back breaking work.

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