Plant Pests - All About Insect Pest Control

Plant pests can be persistant, but by using organic gardening pest control methods, and some common sense methods it's possible to minimize the damage.

Why does the array of munching insects appear?

  • In nature predators move in on the weak or sick.
  • Insects ready to dine see or smell a large table (your veggie patch) set for them.
  • You have planted a variety unsuited to your climate, in the wrong season or you have treated it wrong somehow.
  • You forgot to rotate your crops. Garden pests set up permanent residence in the soil under their favourite tucker.
  • It happens.

Even indoor plants are not safe from aphids, scale and mites. They fly in through an open window or hitch-hike on you.

Getting rid of aphids

Getting rid of aphids is usually something you'll have to do shortly after starting a vegetable garden, but it doesn't have to be all that hard.

Slugs and snailsSlugs and snails can move in and eat every seedling you just planted.

Caterpillar Identification - Is it really necessary to know the types of caterpillars eating your vegetables?

Garden Bird Control may need to be considered to protect your new vegetables or fruits from damage. However, birds are also very beneficial as they eat pests and fertilize the soil.

Use organic gardening pest control if you care about the quality of your food. Many preparations can be bought from your local gardening store, hopefully, or purchased from websites specializing in organic gardening and insect pest control. Others can easily be mixed up from harmless ingredients in your kitchen.

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