Organic Vegetable Garden Produce is the Best.

The organic vegetable garden can produce the very best veggies, or you can end up with just weeds and caterpillars.The knowledge about each plant and its requirements makes the difference.

What does 'organic' mean anyway?...Well, it depends. In chemistry it means that this compound contains carbon. That doesn't translate to the gardener as pesticide ridden vegetables are technically as organic as your pristine 'organic' produce. They all contain carbon.

'Certified Organic' (in Australia) means that the item in question has been passed by a certifying organization, and will display their logo.

Growers need to satisfy soil tests and inspections of methods by a certifying organization to be able to sell their produce as 'Certified Organic'.

Us homegrown, garden variety, backyard gardeners can be as strict or as relaxed as we wish. Generally we strive to avoid unnatural chemicals as much as possible in our weed and pest management.

It certainly feels much better to me if I have done my best to limit chemical contamination of my food.

Start with the selection of seeds. Organic or heirloom seeds are now available from catalogues or from seed savers networks. Heirloom vegetables are the old varieties more suited to natural gardening methods, since that's all they had in them days.

Organic gardening is not as easy as regular be warned. It's frustrating when the vermin are eating all your organic herbs and vegetables and you don't want to reach for the poison. Learning to share helps, haha.

Coming soon are recipes for your own homemade bug sprays, fertilizers and compost.

From Organic Vegetable Garden to Successful Vegetable Gardening