Growing Radishes

Here Is Some Radish Information

If you're new to vegetable gardening, growing radishes is a good way to start enjoying your new hobby. Radish seed germination is fast and they rarely fail.

There are many different varieties of radishes. Colours vary from purple and red radishes through to pink and white. There is even the spanish black radish. The shapes can be round, tapered or cylindrical. Daikon is a japanese radish variety which is comparatively large. Regular Horseradish, Amoracia rusticana is related but is a different species.

Planting radishes is a great way to introduce young children to vegetable gardening. Radish growth is quite rapid and appeals to those with short attention spans.

How To Grow Radishes, Raphanus sativus

Starting: Plant Radishes where they are to grow. The radish leaves emerge in 4 days to a forthight. Thin them to 5 cm to give the roots some space. Plant some every couple of weeks to have a constant supply.

Soil: Well draining loam or compost.

Climate: The plants thrive in all areas and they are fairly frost tolerant. In warmer climates they can be planted all year round. Hot, dry weather produce a more peppery taste.

Watering: Give the radish plants plenty of water. Do not let them dry out.

Fertilizing: They need regular liquid fertilizer to grow quickly.

Harvesting Radishes: Grow them fast for better taste. In about a month your goodies will be ready for picking. Young radish greens can be picked for the salad.

Containers: Plant Radish in containers at least 10 cm deep.

Shady areas: Radishes can grow in some shade.

Pests and Diseases: Aphids, birds. This summer I regretfully add cabbage moth caterpillar to this list.

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