Growing Parsley Plant Takes Very Little Time

Growing parsley plant is so easy there is no reason to miss out on this delicious herb.

Growing Parsley

Two types of parsley is commonly used, Flat Leaf (Mediterranean) Parsley, Petroselinum neapolitanum, and Curled Parsley, P. crispum. Flat Leaf Parsley is generally stronger in taste, and not as prickly in texture.

Why not dedicate a corner in the garden to the parsley plants where they can happily self sow year after year, rewarding you with pasta herbs for ever.

How To Grow Parsley, Petroselinum spp.

Starting: By far the easiest method in a warm climate, is to grab the seeds off a dry seed head and toss them where you'd like them to grow. Many of my pots with larger plants have some parsley 'undergrowth'. Otherwise soak the parsley seeds overnight to kick start germination, before sowing directly where they are to grow. Seedlings emerge after 3-4 weeks. Thin to about 20 cm apart.

Soil: Rich well drained loam or compost.

Climate: All climates are suitable for planting parsley. It can withstand some frost.

Growing parsley second year

Watering: Needs regular watering.

Fertilizing: Parsley plant enjoys the occasional liquid feed so that it can maintain its rich green colour.

Harvesting parsley: Pick as needed. Parsley is biennial but leaf production is slower in the second year when flowering becomes a priority. In cold climates it's not worth keeping the plant for the second year unless you're saving seeds.

Containers: Parsley is an excellent plant for growing in containers at least 20 cm deep.

Shady areas: Planting parsley in shade is quite successful, but it grows slower of course.

Pests and diseases: Slugs and snails.

Growing Parsley

Indoors: The Curled Parsley variety is best for indoor pots, but bring any cultivar indoors during cold climate winters for continued harvesting.

Storing parsley: Although fresh is best, drying parsley is easy and it may come handy as a back up.

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