Growing Oregano

Taking Care Of Your Oregano Plant

The secret to growing oregano is to neglect as much as possible. Lousy soil and no fertilizer usually works like a charm. Just trim when the plant gets out of hand or when dried herb supplies are getting low.

It's best to use oregano herb dried as the taste is more concentrated. Drying oregano leaf is easy to do and no special equipment is needed.

Picture of growing oregano

There are different varieties available but try to buy 'Greek Oregano' as it's generally considered the most flavoursome. They cross pollinate easily vith other varieties or with Marjoram.

Grow ornamental oregano as ground cover or edge. They release their beautiful aroma when brushed against.

Just to confuse everybody Oregano is also called Pot Marjoram.

How To Grow Oregano, Origanum vulgare.

Starting: For best flavour grow from a cutting or buy the plant. Clumps can be divided. The oregano seed is somewhat slow to germinate.

Soil: Well drained loam.

Climate: Grow all year around and replace in about three years in warmer climates, but treat as an annual where it's colder. Will tolerate frost but likes hot and dry climates especially. It's native to the Mediterranean and people there have known how to grow oregano for eons.

Watering: Regular light watering. Doesn't like wet feet.

Fertilizing: Minimal need for nutrients.

Harvesting Oregano: Harvest before flowering for best taste. Regular trimming promotes bushy growth.

Containers: Excellent for growing in pots.

Shady areas: It's possible to grow in shade, but the plant will not develop its full flavour unless it's in full sun. The variety 'Golden Oregano' is the exception as it tolerates shade better and may get burnt in full sun.

Pests and Diseases: Hardly any problems except the odd aphid or spider mite.

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