Growing Mint

How To Grow Mint Without Having To Do Much At All

Growing mint would have to be one of the easiest projects in the garden. In fact, chances are that the plant will love your backyard so much that it will take over completely. Mint has roots which travel and pop up everywhere. It's a good idea to keep a close watch, or simply restrict your mint growing to pots.

Common mint the easiest growing mint

Plants from the Mint Family tend to crossbreed so don't grow different varieties close together if you want to keep them pure. On the other hand, who knows what sort of new exiting flavours will emerge.

Mint varieties include Peppermint, Common Mint, Spearmint and Apple Mint.

Grow mint to repel Cabbage Moths, Mice and Flea Beetles.

How To Grow Mint, Mentha spp.

Growing mint in a pot

Starting: Mints are very easy to propagate by cutting. Just placing a cutting straight into the soil will often work. Sow seeds in the warmer months. The plant grows to about 40 cm.

Soil: Compost or rich water retaining mix. Can be grown in damp, soggy soils.

Climate: Prefers humid climates. Tolerates frost.

Watering: Water well.

Fertilizing: Occational liquid fertilizer is enough.

Harvesting: Trim tops regularly to promote bushy growth. Cut back in winter.

Containers: Best grown in containers at least 15 cm deep as the mint can then be restricted.

Shady areas: Tolerates shade well.

Pests and Diseases: Mildew if growing in shade.

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