Growing Herbs And Always Having Some Herb Plants For Another Day

Growing herbs is an especially satisfying pasttime. Get a few herb plants growing and you'll never need to pay $2-3 per bunch, most of which wilt in the fridge.

Many of the herbs are perennial, which means less work for you as the plants grow back year after year.

Some herbs, for example Thyme, look good as a ground cover or border. Planting herbs as a low hedge will look fantastic in your garden. Rosemary and Lavender which are more sturdy are particularly suitable.

While planning your garden you may want to think about reserving a sunny spot near the back door for growing culinary herbs. Let them self sow and take care of themselves.

The plants are generally hardy and can take a fair amount of abuse and neglect. Herb gardening is suitable for those who for whatever reason can't spend hours in the garden.

Many of our more common herbs grow in the Mediterranean region where the soil is poor and the sun is harsh. It's said that the herbs become more flavoursome in those conditions.

Here is how to grow herbs

Growing BasilYou will be growing basil in no time with some simple advice. Basil growing will provide you with pesto in abundance. Then enjoy it together with the tomatoes that you grew earlier.

Growing CilantroGrowing cilantro may be just the thing you want to do to be able to add some authentic flavour to your exotic asian food.

Growing DillLearn growing dill and have a constant supply of this wonderful tasty herb.

Growing MintGrowing mint would have to be one of the easiest projects in the garden. In fact, chances are that the plant will love your backyard so much that it will take over completely.

Growing OreganoThe secret to growing oregano is to neglect as much as possible. Lousy soil and no fertilizer usually works like a charm. Just trim when the plant gets out of hand or when supplies are getting low.

Growing Parsley Growing parsley plant is so easy there is no reason to miss out on this delicious herb.

Growing RosemaryWhy not start growing rosemary, a hardy herb which needs very little care? I like having a rosemary plant, along with other useful herbs, nearby in case cooking inspiration strikes.

Growing SageGrowing sage is easy, since it's one of those herbs that don't ask for much.

Now that you've spent that much time growing herbs... about drying fresh herbs. By drying fresh herbs you can enjoy your produce all through winter. You'll create the best pizza thanks to a bit of ingenuity and planning.

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