About Successful-Vegetable-Gardening.com

Hello, my name is Anita.

The first time I met a family who didn't have a vegetable garden just like ours I was in my late teens. I always knew people like that did exist, but I thought it was an odd lifestyle.

My parents had a small farm in Scandinavia, and during the warmer time of year we grew vegetables in addition to regular farm work. Everyone I knew had vegetables, whether they lived on a farm, in a house or in an apartment. Those folks in apartments would rent a community garden plot at the edge of town.

Fast forward...

Here in Australia things are different. Some vegetables can be grown all year around, so there is always something to do in the garden, and always something on the table.

My vegetable plot at the moment consists of a concrete court yard with containers and pots. Maximum sunlight at midsummer is about six hours. And it's damp. A challenge? Forget it? I thought so for the first ten years I lived here, but then I decided to grow vegetables anyway.

This website started because I needed to organize my thoughts and experiences, trials and errors, and various snippets of information remembered, found or heard. And why not share it with the rest of the world at the same time?

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