How Will Vegetable Gardening Make A Difference In Your Life?

Vegetable gardening has big benefits if you, like many of us, enjoy eating vegetables that are alive and also taste like they actually contain some nutrients. Growing your own vegetables is rewarding and so much fun.

Vegetable Gardening

It's convenient... just duck out and get a few lettuce leaves...or a couple of home grown tomatoes right at the kitchen door, so no need to run to the corner shop before cooking that fabulous dinner.

Maybe you'll get fit...

...and get some exercise in the process. Perhaps planting vegetables and pruning will get the heart rate going, and you'll feel much better for it. You can actually make vegetable gardening into really hard work if you want, although I don't recommend it.

It'll never taste like the wilted stuff... buy in the supermarket. And that's a good thing. Have you tasted a newly picked snow pea or smelled the ripening tomatoes lately?

Commercially grown vegetables are developed to last a long time on the shelf and to be sturdy. The taste is secondary, it seems.

Peace of mind because... know which pesticide didn't touch your food plants, so your veggies will only make you healthier. How much difference do you think it will make to your wellbeing to avoid pesticide, fungicide and all the other '-cides'?

Your social network...

...will widen.You will get to know your neighbours when you need to find a home for leftover seedlings or excess produce. And exchanging local gardening tips is priceless.

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